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On-Site With Paul Cockerham

Our Week In Midland:
Verde's Shared Knowledge

View Paul's Nat Gas Mining Presentation

Enjoy this edition's featured topics - flare gas mining, home mining, and energy online learning.

We will focus each edition on three mining topics with unique high-value content.

Verde Mining: Natural Gas Mining Workshop

Shorten your learning curve with unique content from our visit to Midland

View the video of Verde Mining’s flare gas-fueled mine in Midland, Texas. Then click below for workshop slides presented by Verde’s co-owner, Paul Cockerham, a 20-year OG veteran who shares his valuable mining lessons using flare gas.

Home Mining

Want expertise of a professional company to manage your mining? Online managed mining plans include mining management, repairs, discount ASIC prices and cheap energy!

Enroll in a plan in minutes and soon you'll be monitoring your profits in real time on your device.

For over 20 years, Enerdynamics has been a leading provider of substantive online learning programs (paid content) for the energy industry. Customers include everyone from industry beginners to major transmission utilities.

MinerBeast has partnered with Enerdynamics to offer content important to Bitcoin mining professionals, including courses on grid energy, natural gas, renewable energy, regulations and more. 

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Who is MinerBeast?

Our beastly family of companies boast over a decade of experience in energy procurement, sophisticated fabrication for Fortune 500 companies, site preparation, digital technology and carbon-reduction services.

Together with our affiliate partners in mining management, we deliver an end-to-end commercial mining solution. For home miners, our digital team provides an easy-to-understand guide and a simplified enrollment process for managed home mining plans, offered from select mining companies.

Need low-cost energy, data center or mining management?

Coming in future editions...

Coming soon are editions featuring expert advice on grid and non-grid energy sources, and differentiated suppliers of rigs, data centers and mining management services.

Grid Energy
Deep Dive

Low-cost electricity and demand response services to reduce energy costs.

as a Service

Before this year, it was hard to find mining-as-a-service providers. That's changed.

Trusted Rig

There's legions of miners unhappy with rig suppliers. We'll discuss legit top-rated ones.

Data Center Differentiators

There are pros and cons to data center containers. We have three you should know about.



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